2 Day • Drag Make-up Course

Drag Make-up Lessons

Course Duration

2 Day

12 hours
6 hours per day

Lessons Time

10:00 - 17:00

Course Price

£ 420

Deposit Amount

£ 126

Course Dates

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Course Description

This intensive two-day course is suitable only for those who have already studied a minimum of basic foundation level skills or above at a reputable college. During this course, we will be exploring outrageous and extreme makeup for drag looks that will take you out of your comfort zone.

Come and experiment with us using a riot of bold colours enabling you to create stunning fun looks for stage, clubs and events.

Mastering pigments, brow blocking, statement brows, feature exaggeration, colour cartooning and lash effects; learn how to create the ultimate make-up statement to take you to the extremes of unearthly glamour.

Drag & Make-up Artists

Tonee Roberio • Make-up Artist for High Fashion Fantasy & Drag

With over twenty-five years of experience in the industry, Tonee is one of the most creative and imaginative professional make-up artists in the industry at present. He loves taking a face and seeing to what limits it can be taken.

Tonee has worked over the years as a freelance make-up artist on fashion shoots, catwalk shows, magazines, films and club events. He has also worked in the past both in London and Dubai as a senior artist at MAC and more recently as a head trainer, including masterclasses for illamasqua Cosmetics, Tonee is recently working new Marvel’s series films & tv series in the UK.

Amongst his clientele and Red Carpet, events have been Big Brother, Qatar Airways, Marie Clare, Ferrero Raffaello TVC plus celebrity clients such as Raquel Welsh and Queen Noor. With his love and understanding of the club scene, Tonee’s name is fast becoming synonymous for his outrageous drag make-up looks on both celebrities and private clientele.

With all this vast experience he has now put together a course at our school to pass on all his knowledge to others.

  • Face Shapes and Bone Structure
  • Changing bone structure from male to female
  • Concealing and Colour correcting
  • Choosing Correct Foundation and Correctors
  • Full Coverage Foundation – Layering
  • Full Coverage Concealing and Illuminating
  • Sculpting with Foundation
  • Eye Contouring
  • Highlighting and Shading
  • Intense Highlighting
  • Powders
  • Warming the Skin/Bronzing
  • Colour theory
  • Eyebrow blocking and Concealing
  • Eyebrow Mapping and Filling symmetrically
  • Strong Sculpted Eye Brows/Ombre – Using powder and pomade
  • Eye design, how to enlarge and look very dramatic
  • High Cut Crease Eyes – Using bring matte shadows and a darker shade for depth
  • Smokey Eyes
  • Cutting the Crease with Concealer
  • Big Bold Winged Liner
  • False Eye Lash Placement
  • Stack False Eye Lash Placement
  • Glitter Application
  • Snatch and Contour the nose
  • Blushers
  • Lip Design
  • Overdrawing Lips – Liquid Lipstick
  • Setting the make-up to last all day and night
  • Over Draw and final touches to full makeup
  • Product Knowledge
  • Wig application and Care

This course is awarded a 2 Day Drag Make-Up Course attendance certificate





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Do you accept overseas student?

Yes we take students from outside of the European Union, An overseas student is someone who lives outside of the EU and requires a visa.

Do you offer student visas?

No we do not offer student visas as our courses are less than six months long. You can undertake a course for up to 30 days in duration with us providing it is part of your visit using a visitor’s visa. You will have to apply independently for this visa from your own country.