Course Title

2 Day Instagram Tutorial Make-up Course

Course Dates

04/11/19 - 05/11/19
Fully booked

2 Day (6 hours per day)


Cost: £365
Deposit: £109.50



Calling all prospective make-up social media and Instagram entrepreneurs.

We have created for you the first course devoted entirely to those who wish to start their own professional make-up Instagram blog on social media. This course will take place over the weekend for two full days. You will be instructed on setting up your business, how to influence and be noticed by big brands plus taking perfect photos in your home studio. You will be encouraged to think outside the box to create looks that are more unique along with embellishments.

Gregory Kara

Creative Make-up Artist

Gregory Kara is a creative makeup artist based in London. After studying makeup artistry at the Technology Institute of Makeup & Special Effects in Athens, Greece. He then moved to London which has seen the artist collaborate alongside some of the industry’s most prominent and renowned; Designers, Makeup Artists, Photographers, Magazines and head makeup artist for LFW shows these include designer such as KTZ, Michiko Koshino. Other clients include;  Bjork, Vivienne Westwood, Maison Fin De Saison, Sorapol,, ODDA Magazine, Schon! Magazine, iMute Magazine, Rion Magazine, Disorder Magazine, Noctis Magazine and so forth. Gregory multiple years of experience and training allows him to seamlessly move between modern cosmetic beauty applications and creative avant-garde artistic looks for editorials, shows and his clients. His training originally as artist Gregory saw makeup as an extension of this viewing the human form as a canvas. A relationship he still explores as an artist and gained a cult following on his personal Instagram page where he focuses cosmetic application on a range of abstract highly skilled graphic self-portraits.

For all make-up courses, you will require your own set of professional make-up brushes and brush dry-cleaner (not included).

  • Leading Fashion brands are provided for our classrooms, including Bobbi Brown, Nars, Inglot, Mac, Illamasqua, Make-up for Ever, Laura Mercier…
  • The minimum age for entry to this course is 18 years
  • All products including make-up and skin care plus disposable items are included
  • Brushes are NOT included. You will require professional makeup brushes. You can buy our LSM PRO Brush sets & cleaners when booking a course online or you can purchase on the course day

Please note: All students will be working on them selfs; if you have problematic skin, or cannot be worked on for any other reason, you will be required to bring in a model to replace yourself.

  • A theory about social media (Instagram)
  • Tips & tricks based on latest updates
  • How to build and grow a successful beauty Instagram page
  • Learning all the beauty trends
  • How to become the next successful beauty influencer
  • Learn all the tips and tricks to start having attention from the biggest Instagram Beauty Brands
  • Understand what is required to set up your own mini studio at home.
  • Create new beauty techniques to achieve the best Instagram friendly makeup look
  • How to connect with makeup brands and put your talent out there
  • Makeup techniques and visuals based on social media aesthetic
  • Tips and Techniques how to have the best Instagram friendly photos

This course is awarded a 2 Day Instagram Make-up Course attendance certificate







LSM Pro-Store Professional Set by Da Vinci (13 brushes) £145.00

13 high-quality sable & hair brushes in a protective brush roll

This professional set has been designed exclusively for The London School of Make-Up by one of the worlds most prestigious hand made cosmetic and art brush manufactures in Germany. Using high-quality sable, pony and goat hair for the best results when applying make-up. The brush set has been designed and chosen to help start your professional career in the industry.

Angled Eye shadow, Liner Angled Eyebrow Brush, Eyeliner, Lip Brush, Blender Oval/Smudger, Eyeshadow brush large round, White pony Blender brush, Powder Brush Oval, Blusher Fan, Concealer Brush, Blusher/Contour Brush Small Angled, Foundation, Angled Foundation Brush/Stippler

LSM Pro-Store Prestige Brush Set by Da Vinci (21 brushes) £240.00

This luxurious set of 21 brushes including brush belt are handmade and designed exclusively for The London School of Makeup by  in Germany. Da Vinci has over 100 years of manufacturing the highest of quality professional and retail brushes for both the cosmetic and art world.

Lip Brush, Eye Shadow, Eye Shadow, Blender – Small, Blender – Long Round, Blender – Angle Large, Blender, Eye Definer, Eyeliner, Liner Angled Eyebrow Brush Angled, Eyebrow Brush Angled, Eyelash Brush, Foundation Brush, Concealer small and large Brush, Powder Brush Oval, Blusher Fan, Blusher, Blusher/Contour Brush Small Angled, Angled Foundation Brush/Stippler

LSM Pro- Store Instant Anti-Bacterial Brush Cleaner £12.00

LSM Pro- Store Anti-Bacterial Brush Cleaner is specially formulated to keep your makeup brushes clean and free from bacteria. This effective spray instantly sterilizes and disinfects, prolonging the life of your brushes.

For best results use in conjunction with Da Vinci Soap.

LSM Pro Store Cleaning Soap by Da Vinci £10.00

Cleaning and Maintenance of the brushes

Metal box with a content of 40 g

Our special soap for cosmetic brushes, based on vegetable oils, and comes in a practical round metal box. Through its reconditioning action, it keeps natural hair and synthetic fibres smooth and elastic. Your cosmetic brushes can feel damaged especially if the product remains in the body of the hair and the remaining cosmetics become hard. This can take away the suppleness and make the hair break.

For regular maintenance i.e. washing out all make-up residues, is recommend so we especially developed a cleaning soap which is based on pure vegetable oils with reconditioning effect.

Cared for in this way the brush hair will retain its elasticity and remains robust and smooth for a long time.

Do you accept overseas student?

Yes, we take students from outside of the European Union, An overseas student is someone who lives outside of the EU and requires a visa.

Do you offer student visas?

No, we do not offer student visas as our courses are less than six months long. You can undertake a course for up to 30 days in duration with us providing it is part of your visit using a visitor’s visa. You will have to apply independently for this visa from your own country.