3 Reasons to love our LSM Pro-Store Prestige Brush Set

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Three reasons to love our LSM Pro-Store Prestige Brush Set

 As an aspiring make-up artist you probably know more than most about how to handle a brush – at least we hope you do! And you know how important good equipment is. Our brushes, made by Da Vinci,

are the ones our artists use whether they’re practising at home or creating looks for designers like Edeline Lee.

Here’s why we love our brushes…

1.They’re serious brushes for serious make-up artists

One of the most important steps in any make-up artists development is the moment that they start to take their make-up career seriously – and for lots of artists that’s the moment that they first start working with quality brushes. We teamed up with Da Vinci Defet brushes (more about them below!) to create a brush set that our Pro Team would be proud to use at events like London Fashion Week. And that’s exactly what they did at the Edeline Lee show.

2. They’re made in Germany

Da Vinci brushes started trading in 1952, and they’re still going strong today. Da Vinci Partner Hermann Meyer says: “The maxim, to use the best materials and traditional craftsmanship along with technological progress, remains our company philosophy today,” and another philosophy they’ve never abandoned is their commitment to being ‘Made in Germany,’ with a state of the art factory in Nürnberg.

3. They’re always close to hand

They say love the one you’re with. Well we always try to keep a few spare sets of our LSM Pro brushes in our beautiful London studios. These trusty brushes are always there when we need them – and if you grab a set they’ll always be there for you too.

But as much as we love our brushes, you’ll also need great technique – and we can help with that too! Check out our courses to take your skills to the next level.

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