Course Title

8 Week IMA Fashion, Photographic & Media plus Dressing Hair Course

Course Dates

10/01/22 - 04/03/22
07/03/22 - 29/04/22
20/06/22 - 12/08/22
05/09/22 - 28/10/22
24/10/22 - 16/12/22

8 Weeks, 30 hours per week
Monday to Friday


Price Cost: £4450
Deposit: £890



Course Description

Our eight-week Fashion, Photographic and Media make-up plus Dressing Hair course is designed for those who are seriously considering a full-time career in the high fashion media make-up industry. This course includes all of the elements offered in our other courses within one course. If you are looking for an intensive all-encompassing make-up course then this is the ultimate course for you.

Who Is this course for?

It takes you from the beginner’s foundation level through to Creative skills Fashion, Photographic and Catwalk/Runway (with no previous experience required) and onwards to media, film and theatrical make-up. All of our make-up courses are designed to give the student as much time applying make-up and hands-on experience as possible.

There is no need to undertake a separate foundation module prior to starting this 8 week course as it includes within the first two weeks all the basic elements required.

Over the following weeks students will spend each day under the instruction of some of the world’s top international make-up artists who will be handing over all the latest techniques and looks in various aspects of high fashion, photographic and media make-up.

Course Agenda

All lessons take place in a professional working makeup studio in central London. A typical day is broken down into demonstrations from the make-up artist and followed by practical sessions while working in pairs.

The creative curriculum covers; High Fashion, Editorial, Photographic and Catwalk/Runway looks, followed by TV, Film, Black & White Photography Makeup, Fantasy, Theatrical, Period styles, Air Brushing, Showgirl, Special Effects such as false beards & moustaches, ageing, cuts, bruises and scarring. You will also have five days in dressing hair with a hair session stylist for up-styles, blow-drying and platting.

During this all-encompassing course you will take part in both a colour and monochrome photographic shoot on an agency model and shot by a professional fashion photographer to help start off your portfolio.

  • Leading fashion brands provided for classrooms.
    Including; Bobbi Brown, Nars, Shu Uemura, Mac, Illamasqua, Make-up for Ever, Laura Mercier…
  • IMA Foundation course notes provided
  • The minimum age for entry to this course is 18 years
  • Majority of products including make-up, skin care and disposable items are provided
  • Brushes are NOT included. You will require professional make-up brushes. You can buy our LSM PRO Brush set & cleaner when booking a course online.
  • Special discount shopping event and student discount card would be arrange with some top brands during this course.

Please note: You will be required to bring a digital photographic device(phone/camera) to keep a record of your work. Please backup your photographs regularly during the education.
Please note: Male students are required to supply a female model to work on.
Please note: All students will be working on each other. If you have problematic skin, or you cannot be worked on for any other reason, you will be required to bring in a model to replace yourself.

Foundation Level

  • Tools of the trade and product knowledge
  • Cleansing Procedures
  • Hygiene and safety
  • Skin analysis, Face shapes and skin tones.
  • Warming and cooling colours (the colour wheel)
  • Colour-Correcting and concealing
  • Correct application and choice of foundation
  • Highlighting, Shading and blushers Technics
  • Achieving perfect lips
  • Application and blending of Eye makeup (Colour Wash, Block Eye, Smokey Eye and Socket Line)
  • Application of Eyeliners (Liquid, Cake, Gel, Crayon and Kohl)
  • Eyebrow Shaping
  • The application of false eyelashes both individual and strip
  • Client consultation techniques
  • Building your make-up kit
  • This part covers Both; Day and Evening looks and Special Occasions plus European Bridal

European Bride 

  • Consolation techniques
  • Trial
  • Individual lashes
  • Primers and Setting sprays
  • Total look with a veil
  • Business and self-marketing

Asian and Arabic Bridal Make-up

  • Contouring, Highlighting and Shading
  • Powder Baking & Eye-guard
  • Perfecting lipstick and eyebrow
  • Cut Crease Eyes & Halo Eyes
  • Glitter Application – Glitter Liner
  • Big Bold Winged Liner – Arabic Inspired

Creative Level: Fashion, Photographic & Media Level 

  • Catwalk / Runway
  • Creative Make-up
  • Colour Photographic Makeup
  • Studio Photo-Shoot with Models
  • Editorial looks
  • Second Studio Photo Shoot Black and White (Monochrome)
  • Sixties
  • Glamour Make-up
  • Aqua colour
  • Graphic Eyeliner
  • Skin Finishes: Matte, Glossy, Dewy
  • Face Shapes and Bone Structure
  • Halo Eyes
  • Cut Crease Eyes
  • Cutting The Crease with Concealer
  • Creative Blusher
  • Creative Lipstick
  • Glitter, Shimmer and Pigments Applications
  • Power Eye Brow
  • Ombre Lipstick
  • The use of creams and textures.
  • In-doors and Out-Door Photography makeup Tips
  • Live TV and Film
  • HD Makeup
  • Etiquette for Studio and Shows
  • Showgirl
  • High Fashion Fantasy
  • Body painting
  • Stencilling
  • Airbrush Makeup
  • Period makeup (Renaissance, Victorian, Elizabethan)
  • Different region period makeup ( Geisha, Kabuki, Egyptian)
  • Special Effects (cuts, bruising, moustache, beard application, bleeding etc.)
  • More info about products knowledge
  • Portfolio building

Hair Diploma

Styles / Techniques

  • Blow Drying
  • Sectioning
  • Back Brushing / Combing
  • Up-style – using ‘Donut’
  • Pony Tail
  • 3-Strand and ‘Fish-tail’ Plait
  • French Pleat
  • Chignon
  • Pin-Curls
  • Rag Curls
  • Victory Rolls
  • 60’s Beehive
  • French Plait
  • Latest Fashion styles

IMA International Make-up Association

Make-up Application Certificate

Day, Evening & Bridal make-up
There are six components to the qualification:

  • Attendance
  • Evidence of practical skills
  • Theory paper
  • Coursework
  • Evaluation
  • External examinations

Each student will need to pass two external examinations in order to obtain this qualification. There will be a separate ‘brief’ for each external examination:

  • Day make-up
  • Evening make-up

make up ima qualification

Fashion / Photographic / Media Make-up Diploma

Catwalk, Fashion, Black & White Photography, Male Grooming, Period Styles, Special Effects and Hairstyling

There are four components to the qualification:

  • Attendance
  • Evidence of practical skills
    • Face sheets / Hair sheets
    • Variations
    • Photographs
  • Portfolio
  • Coursework







IMA Hair Diploma

There are components to the qualification:

  • Attendance
  • Evidence of Practical Skills
  • Hair Sheets
  • Variations
  • Photographs
  • Portfolio
  • Dairy







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Do you accept overseas student?

Yes we take students from outside of the European Union, An overseas student is someone who lives outside of the EU and requires a visa.

Do you offer student visas?

No we do not offer student visas as our courses are less than six months long. You can undertake a course for up to 30 days in duration with us providing it is part of your visit using a visitor’s visa. You will have to apply independently for this visa from your own country.