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There are many forms of make-up for brides depending on ethnic culture and regional differences throughout the world. In some cultures the make-up is very strong with heavy emphasis on the eyes such as an Asian bride associated with a Hindu wedding or on the lips when it comes to a traditional Japanese bride. Our bridal make up classes are designed towards teaching Western bridal make-up where we think of a European bride as looking natural and radiant with soft colours even though in reality she is wearing much heavier make-up than she would for a normal day look. The product used to create the look has to be long lasting and around the eye area possibly waterproof.

It’s important now days to be able to both dress the hair as well as apply the make-up on the day. Not only does this help to keep a consistency in the final look but allows the forth coming bride to deal with one professional only on the day. Therefore we have combined the dressing of hair and make-up within our bridal make up classes. This added skill will also bring in an extra income for the make-up artist.

Even though the client may usually not wear much make-up or even any at all it is important that it is emphasised that there will be photographs being taken on the day therefore the bride should have her face defined.

It is usual for the make-up artist to firstly discuss, recommend and agree a look with the client in the first instance and then at a later date closer to the event organise a rehearsal of both the make-up and hair.

All of our makeup courses concentrate on the traditional western bridal look and are aimed for those who are looking to either make a full-time career out of bridal work or add an extra skill.

This course would suit both beginners and possibly hairdressers as an add-on to their portfolio of work. View our bridal make up classes

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