Bridal makeup around the world


In a globalised world, where makeup brands operate across multiple continents, cultural differences in makeup styles are fewer than at any time in history.

With much of the world edging ever closer to western beauty standards, there is a danger that traditional makeup designs could fall out of fashion.

Luckily there are some occasions where beautiful ethnic and cultural makeup looks still prevail, and weddings are one such event. With so much tradition and history bound up in the big day, it makes sense that bridal makeup draws on culture and tradition far more than day to day looks.

The European standard for bridal makeup values a natural and radiant look and focuses on soft colours, but other cultures often favour a far more dramatic look with strong emphasis on the eyes or lips. Indian bridal makeup for Hindu ceremonies is one example of makeup design with heavy emphasis on the eyes, while the Japanese bride wears strongly coloured lips.

Another Indian bridal tradition is the temporary body art of Henna tattooing. The beautiful designs created by Henna artists draw on Indian cultural heritage as well as using traditional pigments and techniques that have been the same since before the development of modern makeup.

No matter if eastern or western bridal you definitely want your make up to last on such a special day. Face, eyeshadow primers and blotting papers are a must and we strongly recommend fixing sprays such as the Urban Decay All Nighter Make-up fixing spray.

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