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Duologi Application Declined

Unfortunately, your Duologi Application has been declined; we will get in touch with you to discuss alternative payment options.

Please ensure where possible customers adhere to the following:

· All details entered during the application process must be personal to the applicant. e.g., personal email address and mobile number. Do not use a work email or contact number.

· Double-check the applicant’s details being entered match their government-issued ID i.e., Full name (no abbreviations), House/Flat number, and postcode.

· Ensure gross annual income is entered for the sole applicant, not weekly/monthly or household income.

· Ensure you are entering sufficient address history, do not round up the time at an address as this will result in a mismatch against what a credit bureau is reporting and may result in a decline.

· In some circumstance’s individuals are registered against their main residence address even though they move around, such as in the Army, or for students living at a university residence, etc. In these instances, do not forget to add your main residence address to the application so we can pull an accurate credit profile on to base our decision on. Enter the address where are you registered to vote, where you have most of your credit registered. This should help us pull the correct credit profile and make an informed decision on your application.

Duologi have looked at your credit history and in some cases, people actually don’t have a long enough history therefore are not accepted.

You can if you wish to ask someone else taking on the loan on your behalf such as parents, spouse, or legal guardian. If you wish they can re-apply again under their name.

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