Ellis Atlantis


Make-up Artist

Ellis Atlantis first became a household name with the general public after winning the first BBC television series of Glow-up 2019 However he was already a social media sensation with over 100,000 followers which has now grown to 343,000

He studied a Fine Art foundation degree at college and Fashion Design at university. But he preferred the behind the scenes; getting the models ready rather than making the clothes. For one of his first collections the model was a drag queen. Putting them in drag showed him that makeup was what he wanted to do.

Ellis doesn’t believe you can just be handed makeup knowledge and technique, but it doesn’t work like that. You can be skilled and technically strong, but you also have to have creativity with in you.

As well as assisting the internationally famous and inspiring make-up artist Val Garland he has also worked at London Fashion Week, Men’s fashion Week plus many photo shoots and the Cannes Film festival.

Ellis believes in a good attitude. “Never say no. If someone wants an impossible job, do the impossible. It’s not a physical thing, but a good attitude will take you further than good makeup or brushes. If you’re remembered for having a good attitude, they’ll always have you back”.

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