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What kind of makeup school would we be if we didn’t educate you on the latest trends in our industry? We keep our makeup courses up-to-date by always having an eye on the upcoming and re-emerging styles. Summer is always a fantastic and fun time for makeup artists everywhere, and is, perhaps, our favourite season as it is always certain to boast a hugely eclectic mix of makeup styles.

This summer sees natural meet retro, with an abundance of makeup crazes to reflect every personality and taste imaginable.

Here is a mix of just a few of the must-try trends for summer 2017:

Less is more

Photography by Joel Anderson


Sonia Roselli, makeup artist to stars like Elton John and Lenny Kravitz, reminds us that summer style is often all about skin: “Remember that skin is always in. A great moisturiser, sunscreen and a little liquid shimmer on the skin can give you a summer glow and reflect light beautifully. When you reflect the light, who needs foundation?”

Summer is a time of sweat as well as sun, and it is because of this that clean-looking skin is a popular trend for what is set to be a red-hot summer. This makeup trend is one of the easiest to apply and maintain; merely use makeup to cover blemishes and marks on your face. This will help to accentuate the natural beauty of your skin, while also helping to hide any impurities you are insecure about.

Top this off with lipstick in a subtle shade of pink and a light, natural shade of eye shadow to add some character and definition to your features, preventing you from looking washed out.

Colour wash eyes

Invoke the fun and carefree feel of the ‘80s by adding a touch of bright blue eyeshadow, mirrored with a streak of purple or red underneath. Alternatively, you could experiment with bold eyeliners or glitter makeup – this is your chance to express your individuality.

Colour washing means exactly what it says – make your eyes awash with colour to create a striking and vivid first impression. This is your excuse to grab an eye shadow of your favourite colour, whether that is salmon pink or apple white, and evoke your individual style. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your shadings to fashion a trademark look.

Rich lips

Lips are set to become the focal point for faces everywhere, this summer. Bold, vibrant lips are the perfect complement to a face with minimal makeup, providing a powerful pout that is brimming with timeless class.

As well as bestowing fuller-looking lips, applying a bright shade of lipstick, such as red or cranberry, will also gift long-lasting beauty. Smudge-proof and waterproof lipsticks promise to stand up to the hot weather and can be easily reapplied if needed.

This look will give you a loud mouth – in a very good way.

Surprise colour

Random inclusions of vivid colour are an exuberant way of expressing the fun side of your personality, this summer. This can be articulated in a variety of ways; Vogue recently ran a photograph of a yellow eyebrow trend, but if this step is a little drastic for your style, there are plenty of more toned-down ways of popping some surprise colour into your makeup routine.

Celebrity makeup artist, KSAVI, suggests trying some vivid shading on your eyelids: “When it comes to makeup, a graphite eye with glitter takes inspiration from the wonderful PFW looks of Pat McGrath while a bold, colourful lid is perfect for making a statement – peach, coral, yellow and orange tones with a gloss are all great choices… Choose something vibrant that reflects your personality and, as always, have fun with it.”

Try applying a lipstick-bright blush to the edge of your eyes, creating a mesmerising visual that celebrates colour. Alternatively, apply a softer-toned blush to your cheekbones to give your face a healthy flush.

Makeup by Nandita Rishi Wadhwa –  8-week IMA, graduated June 2015

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