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We are pleased to announce all our latest course dates from September 2020 through to June 2021

During this COVID-19 Virus pandemic many on-line courses have sprung up offering courses from cookery to yoga. In some professions it’s possible to work alone and just follow instructions. However, when it comes to professional Make-Up application do be wary as the word professional in connection with MUA’s is referring to an industry recognised level and acceptance meaning working on others not only in a professional manner but also hygienically and many different shades and types of skin plus different ages groups.

Our courses are not consumer courses, in other words you will not be working on yourself but on each other’s faces. There are few companies who will employ you to make up your own face and pay for it no matter how well you did it.

Whether your course takes place physically in a classroom with others or on-line if you are looking to become a professional you must have working on as many different face shapes and skin variations as possible.

At our basic level, which we call “Foundation Level” (beginners) should have practiced in class on a minimum of 12/14 different make-up’s on as many different faces as a requirement if you wish to pass the coveted IMA (International Make-up Association) qualification.

Unfortunately, during this pandemic and social distancing it’s just not possible to offer professional course and practice social distancing either in the classroom or on-line as it entails close contact on many different people. Please be alert.

New professional date available from 7th September 2020.

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