LSM collaborate with VIN + OMI for LFW SS 2016


They are known for edgy contemporary design which runs throughout their projects, including their main high end fashion label VIN + OMI and new street label VO. Their work focuses on new fabrics, new methods of construction and mixing fabrics together in ways which are innovative, unique and distinctive.

Their clothing is striking and uncompromising, whether it is an impact making latex catwalk gown or part of their very accessible street-wear collection featuring soft silk shift dresses.

Their holistic creative approach has created a buzz and their reputation as “ideas men” has led a wide range of industries to enlist the duo for brand enhancement, advertising campaigns and collaborations.

They are known as cutting edge creatives who apply their skills to a wide range of projects and products. Their consultation and collaboration portfolio is broad, varied and extensive. These include fashion high end brands Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton; exciting youth brands MTV and Skull Candy; major commercial brands Coca Cola and Cadburys; through to Historical Royal Palaces, the NHS, the University of Oxford and even designing the LA home of a Hollywood A-Lister. Using their talents for the benefit of others, they promote charities in their spare time and have collaborated with Sightsavers to produce an exclusive t-shirt, sold in aid of the charity.

Vin and Omi have worked on projects with celebrities including Pamela Anderson and Debbie Harry, numerous international recording artists and media celebrities. Due to their diverse outlook they are as equally comfortable being commissioned to make a dress for Michelle Obama as they are working with teenage recording artists. They have exhibited in fashion museums internationally and develop public art projects and exhibit as artists.

If you would like to have the chance to be invited on to our LSM-Pro Team and work on fashion events then book our 8 week Photographic & Media Course or 4 Week Foundation Certificate & Creative Course 

Latest our schools collaboration with VIN+OMI aw15 show on London Fashion Week 2015