If you are interested in taking a make-up course in make-up artistry, then The London School of Make-up is the place for you. There are many different facets when choosing to work in this industry, from high fashion photographic work to studio and cat walk plus theatre and special effects.

Make-Up ArtistryFor others the interest may lay in retailing an exciting high street fashion make-up brand. Whichever you choose it requires determination and drive as well as talent plus an eye for detail and colour. The majority working in make up artistry are self-employed and therefore dependent on finding jobs through their on line portfolio of work and in some cases via connections with photographers, stylists and agents. Therefore the importance of networking cannot be stressed enough; however the rewards and satisfaction in this exciting job are enormous.

Multi-skilling is essential if you wish to attract regular work and increase your earning potential in make up artistry. Plus if you can dress the hair as well as apply the make-up you stand a higher chance of finding work. Understanding basic skills in special effects, men’s grooming and air brushing can also be an advantage.

There is also a large industry in consumer make whereby the artist concentrates on the general public for special occasion, wedding or ethnic make-up artistry.

Make-Up ArtistryIt is not necessary to have any prior knowledge in make up artistry when embarking on one of The London School of Make-up foundation courses as our team of professional working artists are there to encourage and draw out any hidden talent within the student.

Our make-up artistry courses are designed to be intensive with as much hands on experience as possible. Courses can be taken during the day, evenings and weekends. It is possible to build up separate modules or take a fully comprehensive course full-time over a matter of months.

All of our talented teaching staff are full time celebrity working artists from the make up artistry industry whose knowledge, techniques and experience will be passed on to you and help you aspire to which ever level you are hoping to reach.