Looking this great doesn’t come easy

We’ve uncovered the good, the bad and the ugly facts about makeup usage

How old were you when you started wearing makeup? Fifteen? Maybe Sixteen? Well, we’ve discovered that most makeup wearers started using the stuff from the age of ten. A whopping 55% of our survey respondents started wearing makeup between the ages of 10 and 15, while 30% waited until they were 16-20. Only a small proportion of makeup users started between the ages of 21 and 30.

When it comes to the tricks of the trade, 59% of survey respondents learned how to apply makeup from friends. 22% got advice from parents, while 12% learned from YouTube videos. We have a feeling that this final stat will see a significant shift in future, with the ever-growing population of beauty bloggers and influencers.

Makeup is clearly a wonderful thing; it enables us to channel our creativity, express our personalities, blur our blemishes and highlight our favourite features. Of course, along with the delight and confidence that great makeup brings, there are plenty of frustrations and concerns.

Around 36% of survey respondents wear a full face of makeup on a regular basis, and half of all respondents refuse to leave the house completely makeup free. Unfortunately, many of us are concerned that our makeup doesn’t look ‘perfect’. 20% of survey respondents were annoyed that their makeup doesn’t last long enough, while 15% are worried that it dries out their skin. Other makeup concerns include unevenness, colour matching and problematic eyeliner.

With all these frustrations, it’s surprising that only 44% of our survey respondents have used a professional service at a counter and picked the brains of a qualified makeup artist– we’re missing an opportunity there, girls! Most survey respondents would, however, consider professional makeup artist for a wedding, and only 25% would do their own for the big event.

66% of us are keen to up our makeup game by utilising a learning environment, such as a professional course. A recognised makeup qualification also appeals to 45% of us. So what are we waiting for?

Everyone seems to be a big fan of makeup, but it’s good to know that most of our survey respondents are savvy shoppers. 43% spend less than £20 per month, 30% spend between £20 and £30, and only 19% spend between £31 and £50. A handful of people do admit to spending more than £50 per month – we’re certainly intrigued by those makeup stashes!

The London School of Make-Up surveyed 2,378 individuals from across the UK.