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The students on our makeup short courses tend to appreciate artists that push the boundaries of makeup art so it’s no surprise that so many of them have a soft spot for Illamasqua Creative Director Alex Box.

Although her striking makeup designs are more than enough reason to love Alex Box on their own, here at the London School of Makeup we have another reason to love her. She, like us, is a product of the London makeup scene.

Alex’s creative career started at London’s Chelsea College of Art and Design where she studied fine art before making the move into fashion makeup.

The dramatic and stylised brand of makeup that Illamasqua produce under Alex is influenced in no small way by that fine art background. There is no question that Illamasqua is a real artist’s brand.

But while that fine art influence is in evidence in all of her work, Alex cherishes the fun and openness that comes with working in makeup. Speaking to Stylist magazine Alex said: “I love the integrity of art, but I love the transience of fashion. People look at it with an open mind. It’s about people opening a magazine, looking at an image and not having to feel like they have to understand it.”

It is that attitude to her work that has helped Alex forge a career in which she has worked with names including Lady Gaga. Azealia Banks and Kate Moss, not mention holding the Creative Directorship of Illamasqua since before its launch in 2008.

We love Illamasqua products and have a wide range of them at the school. Our students have the option to sign up for their student discount programme and we organise an Illamasqua shopping trip for all of our two, four and eight week and Saturday courses.

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