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It is likely that anyone interested in pursuing a career in makeup artistry has given a great deal of thought to how makeup can be used to make someone look better. Most of the makeup training that an aspiring makeup artist receives focusses on how to highlight a person’s best features, smooth out their skin, bring out their eyes. Whether working on a bride or a film star, it would be easy to think that makeup is all about physical appearance.

What students on our makeup training courses in central London learn is that it’s not just about what makeup you apply and how your client looks at the end – it’s about how you apply the makeup and how that makes your client feel. Whether on a catwalk or a wedding day; makeup is confidence.

What you will learn if you study with our expert makeup tutors is not only how to make your clients look great, but how to make them feel great too.

Check out our course options to find the right makeup short course for you or drop into our central London makeup studios to talk through our classes. Every day is an open day for us.

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