Maria Papadopoulou


Catwalk Make-up Artist

Maria studied mathematics and fine arts at University in Greece and then went on to work as a Fashion Editor for various magazines in Athens. By chance she was approached to take charge of the beauty section in a magazine and went on to edit numerous beauty editorials with the unique approach of juxtaposing a page of still-life next to a magazine look.

Maria moved on to be responsible for styling a plethora of beauty products and creating compelling images with them.

With her ideas and experience in product knowledge she decided to come to London and take a make-up course after which she worked as a freelance Make-up Artist, Beauty Editor for an independent magazines and Make-up Designers for London Fashion Week shows.

Her make-up is inspired by anything and everything and it is never accidental.

The images she creates aspire to always create reaction and spark emotion.

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