If you’re seriously considering a career in high fashion and media makeup, then our photographic and media makeup course is the most comprehensive and ultimate make-up course for you. It includes the foundation course and the creative course, plus the photographic and media section over a period of eight weeks, Monday to Friday.

Media makeup covers many formats such as television, film and advertising. The latter being the most profuse when it comes to finding work in this industry as advertising is all around us in many forms.

Our photographic and media makeup course is our most popular course for those wishing to take up a professional career in makeup; however, it can be completed in sections over a period to suit the individual.

The first four weeks will take you through the same technics and curriculum as set out in the foundation and creative section. This will be followed by a further four weeks covering monochrome makeup (black and white photographic work), session hair styling, media makeup, airbrushing, fantasy, showgirl, period and special effects, burlesque and body painting. You will also work on a professional model from a London agency with a leading fashion photographer in a studio, creating both a colour shoot and black & white (monochrome) look. The photographs from this shoot will be handed over to you towards the end of the course so that you can start up your own portfolio.

For more information, please click here for our 8 Week Photographic & Media Course

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