Toxic makeup ingredients to avoid

Any makeup school should be certain that the products they are using for their makeup courses are completely safe. All cosmetic items promise the moon: they guarantee to give your eyelashes maximum volume; they promise you the most radiant and blemish-free complexion; they boast about how your wrinkles will disappear after the first application.

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Makeup tips for oily skin

Nobody’s skin is flawless. We run a vast range of makeup courses, and our makeup artists work with every skin type imaginable. Whether you have dry skin, acne, pigmentation, or a combination of all of them; each skin type has its own individual needs when it comes to makeup artistry – and for many, it can be a real struggle.

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Hot summer makeup trends

Hot summer makeup trends for 2017

What kind of makeup school would we be if we didn’t educate you on the latest trends in our industry? We keep our makeup courses up-to-date by always having an eye on the upcoming and re-emerging styles. Summer is always a fantastic and fun time for makeup artists everywhere, and is, perhaps, our favourite season as it is always certain to boast a hugely eclectic mix of makeup styles.

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