The London School of Make-up is proud to offer one of the most prestigious international qualifications for the make-up industry – the IMA (International Make-up Association). The IMA is an independent awarding body who set standards for make-up academy education, which is recognised by the industry throughout most of the world and by leading fashion cosmetic companies.

The IMA provides an industry benchmark for the make-up artist and those who wish to employ a make-up artist.

This is achieved through the following:

  • Attendance
  • Evidence of Practical Skills
  • Theory Paper
  • Course Work
  • Evaluation
  • External Examinations

This internationally recognised qualification is not an in-house school attendance certificate instead it is a completely independent from The London School of Make-Up and is offered in many schools throughout the world from 16 Cities: IMA Accredited Centres: Bahamas • Beirut • Birmingham • Dubai • Hyderabad • London • Malta • Mexico City • Moscow • Mumbai • New Delhi • Nicosia • Oxford • Querétaro • Sofia

Over the past 10 years over a million make-up students have attended and registered at a make-up school somewhere in the world that offers the IMA qualification and are now benefitting from its standards.

Make-up Application Certificate
Bridal, Day, Evening make-up

ima qualification

Fashion / Photographic / Media Make-up Diploma  – Catwalk, Fashion, Black & White Photography, Male Grooming, Period Styles, Special Effects
and Hairstylings Diploma

make up ima qualification


IMA External Examination

This section is only who have already studied with us all variations must be completed. The students need to book IMA external examination following the link.

*PLEASE NOTE: For eligibility to take the IMA external exam at LSM. You must attend a one-day Bridal Makeup Lesson after 2 Day IMA Foundation Course. This rule will apply to classes after 1st June 2022. (For booking one day lesson contact us with an email) 

Each student will need to pass two external examinations in order to obtain this qualification. There will be a separate ‘brief’ for each external examination:

Exam Day has 3 separate exams:

  1. Day makeup (1 hour)
  2. Evening makeup (1 hour)
  3. Test Paper (25 questions multiple choice. 30 minutes)

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