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With Christmas coming up, everyone expects that by now you have all your shopping done and dusted. However, our busy schedules tend to get in the way and the promise we made to ourselves to get our shopping done at least a month before, is quickly broken.

When shopping for beauty gifts, there’s a real sense of enjoyment that comes out of heading to the high street to sample different shades of eyeshadow, spritz sweet smelling fragrances and discover handy makeup tools you didn’t even know existed. We still seem to love the festive feel of Christmas shopping on the high street, despite our busy schedules and the different opportunities available to shop online. In fact, giffgaff’s recent Christmas survey revealed 51.9% of people still choose to hit the high street to complete their festive shopping.

For those gifting for a beauty addict though, it can be hard to think of new and original gift ideas. After all, avid beauty lovers already have a makeup bag brimming with the latest cosmetics, so it can be tough to make a decision on what to buy them. So, we’ve come up with five handy presents that you can buy for others, or request others to buy you, this Christmas.

1. A clay face mask

Clay face masks have been all the rage in 2017 and this beauty trend is certainly going to carry on into 2018. Opt for a high quality, Bentonite clay face mask, which removes dirt (and all the bad stuff) from skin and leaves it beaming with health.

2. A good set of makeup brushes

Know a friend who still applies their makeup with their fingers, because they’re not quite clued up on what brush brand to buy? Take this as a hint that they need your expert advice. Every girl needs a set of brushes, but it’s something we always expect as a gift and don’t tend to buy ourselves, because we want to really splash out when we do.

3. A shimmering eyeshadow palette

Christmas should not only be filled with sparkly tinsel and glittering lights, but shimmering eyeshadow looks, too. With glitter predicted as a comeback trend in 2018, opt for a palette that offers glitter, shimmer and sparkle, but also includes shades that are suitable for the every-day office look.

4. A decorative compact mirror

Many people forget the true importance of a compact mirror – they’re actually the underrated cosmetic product. Look in different stores for jazzy compact mirrors and add some glitz and glam to your friend’s handbag. This is a present that can be used over and over again, to help top up lipstick before festive after-work drinks, or check makeup is still intact after being caught up in heavy snowfall.

5. A clear makeup organiser

Everyone is bound to get your beauty fanatic friend or family member a product or two, but after Christmas, they’re left with a stack of cosmetics and although they’re fabulous, they have nowhere to put them.

That’s where you can save the day, by gifting a makeup organiser. Most organisers come with lipstick compartments, handy pull out drawers and makeup brush compartments, so every product can be neatly lined up and beautifully presented on a dressing table.

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