Top tips for career changers


Here at the London School of Makeup many of our students are training towards a new career in makeup.Like many other careers makeup artistry can be an incredibly fulfilling job but it is also a tough industry to break into.

With that in mind we thought that we would share some of our top tips on starting that new career.

1. Commit to your goal’s

As any professional makeup artist will tell you; it’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle, and if you want to make a career you need real commitment. Why not write down three goals for your career in makeup, on short, one medium and one long term, to help focus your mind?

2. Learn from the best

Most good makeup schools will be able to teach you the skills you need for a career in makeup artistry. What the best makeup schools offer is the inspiration and expertise of industry professional’s. Never underestimate the benefits that these kind of contacts can bring when you are starting out in a new career.

3. Enjoy yourself

Never forget why you wanted a new career in the first place. Why not keep a record of small successes to look back at when you are trying to establish yourself as a makeup artist?

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