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Course Duration

2 Day

12 hours, 6 hours per day

Lessons Time

10:00 - 17:00

Course Price

£ 420

Deposit Amount

£ 126

Course Dates

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If you’re looking to play a major role within the enormous growth in social media that has built up over the past years and now playing possibly one of the most significant sectors when becoming a professional MUA. It’s now even more important to be recognised and admired by all who follow social media. The course is designed to help you take that crucial next step.

Course Description

This course we are offering is possibly the first of its kind and ideal for aspiring influencers wishing to learn the tips and tricks on how to market their artistry and gain recognition from renowned premium make-up brands.

We will show you how to build a following within the people who matter and amongst the general public that you are an influencer in your field. It’s now become as important as your past MUA jobs or list of celebrities you may have worked on and recognised within the growing social media world.

Practical demonstrations will be given on how to best place your work to be very forefront, gaining the most high quality of “likes” you can receive from followers by how you present your work and personal help with projecting yourself to right audiance. This is of up-most importance and should not be ignored.

The course will take you through how to self-market, affiliate with brands and other influencers. These affiliations can add thousands of extra “likes” on their social media platforms which in turn will gain more recognition. Using viral marketing will help by directly communicating to their clients.

We will cover how to stay consistent within the Social Media world and structure its growth. We will discuss the importance of high-quality content and how to find and recognise such. Getting this correct will help in catching your audience attention. Alongside the business aspect of social media, there will be demonstrations on how to create amazing eye-catching looks followed by a practical workshop session.

Who is this course for?

Previous professional make-up knowledge at a minimum of basic-foundation level or already working as an MUA would be a desirable asset in getting the most out of this course.

We WILL NOT be going back over the elementary skills of make-up application on this course. However, if you have no previous knowledge, we suggest you first take one of our Foundation Level Courses offered on this site before booking this course.

During the course, you will be working on yourself and on your own face. Therefore, we will be providing the necessary disposables and limited access to certain products to help benefit your look. Please see below the minimum requirements you must bring along with in your personal make-up kit.

Alishba Alim

Creative Make-up Artist & Social Media Influencer Celebrity Make-up Artist

Alishba Angel Alim, was born and raised in the UK from a mixed South Asian background, however, spent a good amount of her early teen years living in Dubai where her original love for makeup only escalated even more due to the beauty, she saw around her through the culture of this city. Alishba became very intrigued by all the different types of makeup from everywhere I had travelled and seen, from European style to heavy Asian looks. She wanted to push my dreams to become a makeup artist.

We are proud that Alishba was graduated from The London School of Make-up™ and gained her certificate to work within the industry as a professional.

Over the past few years and have worked on many different projects in the industry.

This direction to lead her recognition to become an up-raising new star “Social Media Influencer” by many cosmetics houses such as Huda Beauty, Norvina Cosmetics, Maybelline, Bella Pierre & TTDEYE. Her recently highlighted collaboration with a brand “Anastasia Beverly Hills” has been approached to Alishba, where she created content for their new lip balm ‘advertisement campaign’ so much more with the honour of payment for this project.

Alishba is gaining a lot of approvals which was in her social media work, such as Instagram and Tik-Tok. Alishba has over 250K followers as an influencer across all platforms. Every day new additions into her accounts…

This is where she can directly share her own passions & challenges, and more… Do you wish to be part of this new era journey from in-person now you can join our two-day course? Simply, click the ‘Book Now’ button.

Minimum requirements:

  • You must bring your own makeup kit.
  • The makeup kit should have the following products: Skincare, Foundation, Concealer, All spectrum range of Eye shadows pallets, glitter, pigments, lipsticks, Blusher/ Bronzer, Shader & Highlighter, Bronzer, Eyeliner/ Lipliner (different types) mascara, false eyelashes, creative adornments other essential tools.
  • You will require a Professional make-up brush set. To add in your bookings, our LSM PRO Store Brush set, Brush dry-cleaner & Da Vinci Soap when booking a course online.
  • We will allow using limited of access school’s makeup products via tutors guided.
  • Disposable items & hygiene products are provided in the classroom.
  • The minimum age for entry to this course is 18 years.

Please note: You will be required to bring a digital photographic device(phone/camera) & your device. In addition, you may need a stand or holder/tripod for your device.

Please note: All students will be working on their own faces. If you have problematic skin or cannot be worked on for any other reason, you will be required to bring in a model during practice, which means it is afternoon.

  • A theory about Social Media (Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, Youtube)
  • Understanding Social Media Communities
  • Becoming Creative
  • Marketing
  • Styling of Make-up
  • Basic makeup products
  • A colourful makeup palette
  • Lashes
  • Understand what is required to set up your mini studio at home
  • Camera or a good phone camera – Phone/Camera Tripod
  • Choices of Equipment available
  • Lighting the subject
  • Photography
  • Video Talking
  • Be right Personality (choose the direction)
  • Real you or Virtual you?
  • Having ethics & etiquettes to public
  • Must &; Must not
  • Find your UPS (Unique Sales Points)
  • Fairness and Credits
  • Editing
  • Principles and understood tech companies’ policies and rules.
  • How to build and grow followers a successful make-up social media profile.
  • How to be learning the best way all the beauty trends.
  • How to become the next successful beauty influencer.
  • How to get the right attention from famous Instagram Beauty Official Brands (paid partnership)

This course is awarded a 2 Day Social Media & Influencers Marketing Makeup Artistry Course attendance certificate

LSM Pro-Store Professional Set by Da Vinci (13 brushes) £150.00

13 high-quality sable & hair brushes in a protective brush roll

This professional set has been designed exclusively for The London School of Make-Up by one of the world’s most prestigious handmade cosmetic and art brush manufactures in Germany. Using high-quality sable, pony and goat hair for the best results when applying make-up. The brush set has been designed and chosen to help start your professional career in the industry.

Angled Eye shadow, Liner Angled Eyebrow Brush, Eyeliner, Lip Brush, Blender Oval/Smudger, Eyeshadow brush large round, White pony Blender brush, Powder Brush Oval, Blusher Fan, Concealer Brush, Blusher/Contour Brush Small Angled, Foundation, Angled Foundation Brush/Stippler

LSM Pro-Store Prestige Brush Set by Da Vinci (21 brushes) £250.00

This luxurious set of 21 brushes including brush belt are handmade and designed exclusively for The London School of Makeup by in Germany. Da Vinci has over 100 years of manufacturing the highest of quality professional and retail brushes for both the cosmetic and art world.

Lip Brush, Eye Shadow, Eye Shadow, Blender – Small, Blender – Long Round, Blender – Angle Large, Blender, Eye Definer, Eyeliner, Liner Angled Eyebrow Brush Angled, Eyebrow Brush Angled, Eyelash Brush, Foundation Brush, Concealer small and large Brush, Powder Brush Oval, Blusher Fan, Blusher, Blusher/Contour Brush Small Angled, Angled Foundation Brush/Stippler


LSM Pro- Store Instant Anti-Bacterial Brush Cleaner £12.00

LSM Pro- Store Anti-Bacterial Brush Cleaner is specially formulated to keep your makeup brushes clean and free from bacteria. This effective spray instantly sterilizes and disinfects, prolonging the life of your brushes.

For best results use in conjunction with Da Vinci Soap.


LSM Pro Store Cleaning Soap by Da Vinci £10.00

Cleaning and Maintenance of the brushes

Metal box with a content of 40 g

Our special soap for cosmetic brushes, based on vegetable oils, and comes in a practical round metal box. Through its reconditioning action, it keeps natural hair and synthetic fibres smooth and elastic. Your cosmetic brushes can feel damaged especially if the product remains in the body of the hair and the remaining cosmetics become hard. This can take away the suppleness and make the hair break.

For regular maintenance i.e. washing out all make-up residues, is recommend so we especially developed a cleaning soap which is based on pure vegetable oils with reconditioning effect.

Cared for in this way the brush hair will retain its elasticity and remains robust and smooth for a long time.

Do you accept overseas student?

Yes we take students from outside of the European Union, An overseas student is someone who lives outside of the EU and requires a visa.

Do you offer student visas?

No we do not offer student visas as our courses are less than six months long. You can undertake a course for up to 30 days in duration with us providing it is part of your visit using a visitor’s visa. You will have to apply independently for this visa from your own country.

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